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Summer Brielle is a blonde babe from the United States. She was born in San Francisco on February 7, 1987. She’s 176 centimeters tall and weighs 57 kilograms. This tall blonde all-American goddess will sweep you off your feet with her talent and skills, and also with her tits and ass. This babe is the real deal, she knows exactly what she wants and when does she want it. There’s nothing Summer can’t do. This feisty honey handles cocks like it’s nothing. She is a natural-born talent, for sure. She also likes licking her colleague’s pussies and making them squirt like crazy. Summer loves when her female colleagues squirt all over her beautiful face, it makes her incredibly horny. She’s not a stranger to double penetration as well, she enjoys her job very much. Summer Brielle is certainly someone who is hard to forget. Her incredible performance leaves a permanent mark in your mind, you simply won’t believe it. Other babes pick their games; this one does it for fun. Summer is very flexible and she can do any pose she wants. In her spare time, she likes to hit the gym and maintain her flexibility on a high level.

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