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Charlee Chase was born on April 26, 1977, in Delaware, the United States of America. While she was a child, she traveled a lot with her family. She started her modelling career in her childhood and she attended the Barbizon Modeling School. After graduation, the girl worked as a model for swimsuit stores in Delaware and Maryland. When she was 19 years old, Charlee moved to the sunny Florida where she worked as a dancer at a bikini bar. She was offered the opportunity to do her first set of adult photo and video and the naughty girl accepted immediately since she loves to pose, to kiss, to masturbate, to lick, suck and fuck, all of these in front of the camera. As a porn star, she can be seen in hundreds of calendars, posters, adult movies and on hundreds of adult websites. Kinky Charlee has numerous fetishes such as: smoking, underwater, tickling, heels, body painting, hair washing, wrestling, bondage, legs, feet and more. She loves to lick pussy, to do handjob, to suck and fuck dick and to play with toys. Currently, Charlee is an actress, model and producer, covering the whole area of adult, from fetish to hardcore.

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