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Briana Banks is a mesmerizing lady from Germany. She was born in Munich on May 21, 1979. She’s 180 centimeters tall and weighs 50 kilograms. In other words, this babe is perfect. She’s listed as Rank 1 on many porn sites, and there’s a good reason behind it. She is simply among the best porn actresses at the moment; there’s no doubt about it. Briana has hundreds of titles under her name. She has a nice tattoo just above her tight pussy. Also, she has a pair of massive boobs. No one can resist sucking on those juicy nipples of hers. She also likes getting a dick between them and patiently waiting for the premium load to spray all over her beautiful face. Her cock-sucking skills are ridiculously good; many have problems holding their load while she’s sucking them off. Whichever video of Briana you watch will make your pants a lot tighter in a matter of seconds. She’s just too hot to handle. When she bends over and gets ready for a doggy style session, her massive boobs stay firm and solid allowing her to fondle them while getting drilled from behind. Briana has won numerous porn industry awards.

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